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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Song list of Faraway Unplugged Competition

Original Songs

1. Zifaf - Raneh Noon
2. 1984 - Faiymini
3. Shiuz - Heeviyey
4. 7th Floor - Au raagu
5. Mufassir - Baakee
6. Shan - Insaaneh7. Muad - Tisdhathi Kamanaa8. Fahthey - Saahiba

Cover Songs

1. 1984 - Viva La Vida
2. Shiuz - Coconut Woman
3. Yousoff - Sing
4. Shan - Meygaavi Alikuri Noorakee
5. Amadh - Wish You Were here

Tune in to 96.6 Faraway.FM, and enjoy these amazing songs by our very own and well loved artists!

Operation Unplugged Competition is Underway!

The covers and the originals have been recorded, the artists are waiting anxiously [not patiently], and now its up to you to decide who gets the First, Second and Third prize from each category!

Our deepest apologies for the delay, but due to some technical difficulties we had to shift the dates of the competition but now it is finally open!

Tune into Faraway Unplugged from 8-9 pm every weeknight [live show] and 10-11am every weekday [repeat show] to listen to the songs and vote for your favorite from each category.

Songs will be played for a duration of 10 days where listeners can SMS for their favorite song. The song to receive the most number of SMS votes will be awarded First prize from each category.

Remember, you can only vote for one song from a category meaning you can only vote once for each category.

To vote, send an SMS to 2727-Dhiraagu users and 4747-Wataniya users.
Your SMS should look like this: FAFM[space]artist name [space]song title

So don't wait, tune in to 96.6 Faraway.FM, and help these guys win their prizes!!!