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Monday, July 27, 2009

Masterpiece - "Magical Maldivian Moments"

96.6 Faraway FM: Promoting Maldivian Talent

96.6 Faraway Fm is dedicated towards promoting and helping young Maldivians develop their talents and express their artistic ideas. Our past programs helped young musicians promote their original works, including the popular ‘Faraway Unplugged’ music competition.
96.6 Faraway Fm now presents you Masterpiece, the very first digital art competition in the Maldives.

What is Masterpiece?
Masterpiece is a digital art competition designed to promote and appreciate the talent of gifted Maldivian digital artists. Masterpiece also strives to create more awareness about digital art and encourage digital artists to continue their creative work.

What is the Theme?
The theme for Masterpiece is : "Magical Maldivian Moments".

Rules for Artwork Submission

What is Digital art?
Digital art is any piece of artwork created on a computer in digital form.

What size should the entry be?
3508 pixels (width) by 4961 pixels (height) - This is the standard A3 paper size.

What software should be used?
Any computer software of the artist’s choice maybe used to create the digital artwork.

What format/way should the artwork be submitted in?
Accepted formats are JPG, TIFF and PNG. The artwork should be on a Labeled CD or DVD with an a4 printout along with full contact details of the artist andshould be submitted to 96.6 Faraway Fm.

When is the deadline for submission?
Last date for submission is Thursday, 27th August 2009, at 12.00pm.

Who will judge the competition?
A panel of judges consisting of prominent Maldivian artists will select Winning entries.

What will be looked for while judging?
Judging will be based on relevance to theme (Magical Maldivian Moments) and personal originality.

The ‘Most Popular Artwork’ will be selected through SMS votes from the public.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Song list of Faraway Unplugged Competition

Original Songs

1. Zifaf - Raneh Noon
2. 1984 - Faiymini
3. Shiuz - Heeviyey
4. 7th Floor - Au raagu
5. Mufassir - Baakee
6. Shan - Insaaneh7. Muad - Tisdhathi Kamanaa8. Fahthey - Saahiba

Cover Songs

1. 1984 - Viva La Vida
2. Shiuz - Coconut Woman
3. Yousoff - Sing
4. Shan - Meygaavi Alikuri Noorakee
5. Amadh - Wish You Were here

Tune in to 96.6 Faraway.FM, and enjoy these amazing songs by our very own and well loved artists!

Operation Unplugged Competition is Underway!

The covers and the originals have been recorded, the artists are waiting anxiously [not patiently], and now its up to you to decide who gets the First, Second and Third prize from each category!

Our deepest apologies for the delay, but due to some technical difficulties we had to shift the dates of the competition but now it is finally open!

Tune into Faraway Unplugged from 8-9 pm every weeknight [live show] and 10-11am every weekday [repeat show] to listen to the songs and vote for your favorite from each category.

Songs will be played for a duration of 10 days where listeners can SMS for their favorite song. The song to receive the most number of SMS votes will be awarded First prize from each category.

Remember, you can only vote for one song from a category meaning you can only vote once for each category.

To vote, send an SMS to 2727-Dhiraagu users and 4747-Wataniya users.
Your SMS should look like this: FAFM[space]artist name [space]song title

So don't wait, tune in to 96.6 Faraway.FM, and help these guys win their prizes!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Announcing Prizes for the First Faraway Unplugged competition!!

Competition is still going on strong, you can join at any time before 1800hrs of 07 March, 2009.

Original song by a Maldivian Artist or Band

1st Prize Rf 25,000/-
2nd Prize Rf 15,000/-
3rd Prize Rf 8,000/-

Cover song by a Maldivian Artist or Band

1st Prize Rf 15,000/-
2nd Prize Rf 7,000/-
3rd Prize Rf 4,500/-

For more details or to join the contest please e-mail us at faraway.fm@gmail.com or unplugged@faraway.fm or simply write on our wall here and we’ll contact you!

Last date of entry will be on 07 March, 2009 whereby the competition will be ending.

Voting will begin on 08 March, 2009 and end on 14 March, 2009. Details of voting are yet to be finalized.

So drop in and get your songs recorded and WIN BIG!!!

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a little bit about  faraway.fm ...

Within the coverage of the station comes the region of the capital island of Maldives, Male’ and its sister islands of Villimale’ and Hulhumale’, Male’ International Airport on the island of Hulhule is also within the region as are some tourist resort islands. Male’ is the seat of Government in the Maldives and is the country’s business and commercial centre.
It is estimated that 65,000 people (30 – 40% of country’s population) live in Male’ and the two adjoining islands. There is always a significant floating population of several thousand from other islands temporarily in Male’, on business and other needs. An expatriate population of 40,000 also live in Male’ and its surrounds.

Faraway FM broadcasts mainly in English. The format is Classic Rock music, with a heay concentration of news and current affairs, both domestic and global, in English and in Dhivehi. 
Besides music, Faraway FM, through its programmes, provides insights into Maldives history, culture, literature, lifestyle and politics.

The Audience is young and boomer-age upwardly mobile people, both Maldivian and expatriate, who enjoy popular music and culture and have a thirst for knowledge and information of the world around them. The population segment that grew up during the 1960’s to 1990’s is familiar with and enjoys western popular music. Younger generations of Maldivians are fast tuning into the lifestyle and music of their generation in the rest of the world. Satellite TV and the Internet have broken down the barriers imposed by geography and national borders.

Faraway FM hopes to provide the sound track to the busy and highly mobile lifestyle of the younger generation of Maldivians.

Faraway FM streams live to the world on www.faraway.fm and is accessible to mobile people through cellular phones that support the technology.